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People LOVE Aquarius Scuba!



Why is AQUARIUS SCUBA the best place to learn how to dive in the Greater Toronto Area?


  • Class Sizes: At Aquarius Scuba, we believe that ‘Every Safe Diving Standard’ should be met and exceeded. This is why we follow the PADI Safety Standards and Procedures in training. PADI states that there can be any number of students in the classroom setting, but a ratio of 10 students to 1 instructor must not be exceeded for in-pool training. Our students can be confident that they get the same level of training all over the world. At Aquarius Scuba our classes are full most of the year without exception because of the high standards and dedication to students we are best known for. Other dive centres promoting ‘small classes’ often do so because they just do not have the clients to fill their classes. So, we are very proud of the fact people love us!

  • In-water training focused: Aquarius Scuba has always used the best pools in the GTA for training. This includes the famous 16.5 ft. deep Etobicoke Olympium Pool. Every PADI training standard is met so that the student receives the right amount of time to train in our pools for their given course. Students also have the free option to join the Aquarius Scuba Pool Night, held at the Etobicoke Olympium Pool every Monday night, to refresh their skills before a trip or just as an excuse to get in the water. Our students and regular customers are welcome at any time.

  • Professional Staff: We love scuba diving! Scuba is our passion, and we love it when you come in and know nothing about it. It's our opportunity to show you how much fun it really is, and that anybody can do it! We truly believe ANYONE can do it! We will help you get past any stage you might find more difficult. It's a sport anybody can enjoy, and we would LOVE to show you why. All of our in-store Staff and Instructors are rated at the Master Scuba Diver Trainer rating or above. We also take pride in ourselves when it comes to diving safely. SAFETY is our #1 priority. Respect the sport and equipment, and you will enjoy diving that much more. Aquarius Scuba is also proud to have affiliations with many resorts and will happily and regularly refer its clients to destinations such as Cozumel, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, and Thailand. We are also proud to have trained and placed-in-work instructors and dive professionals, through the Course Directors we work with in these locations.

  • Swimming pools: We use not 1 but 2 beautifully maintained large swimming pools located in the GTA for training. Most notable is the famous 16.5 ft. deep Etobicoke Olympium. Let's face it, it's the better way to train, and you will love the experience even more.

  • Location: Aquarius Scuba is located close to the TTC and the following subway stations for your convenience: Bloor & Jane St,  High Park and Royal York.

  • Open Water Diver DVD ($40 Value): We include, for FREE, the use of the PADI Open Water Diver DVD for you to watch in the comfort of your own home, before you come to class. This saves you time in the classroom and more time for the pool. If you would like to keep it to refresh your memory later on, then you can purchase a new one for just $40.

  • We teach dive computers: (this is not an upgrade, this is a STANDARD at Aquarius Scuba) A personal dive computer is a diver's best friend, and we will teach you how they work so that you can embark on your adventure with confidence! We also have the most popular dive computers in stock to show you how they work.

  • We are very flexible: We understand that during these busy times, options are important. That is why we offer Open Water checkouts at locations that give our customers options. If you want to stay closer to home for your checkout dives, then we offer Gulliver's Lake. It’s the perfect option for you if you need to be home after the dives. With no boat traffic, perfect water conditions, and our very own built 20 x 20 platform at 20 ft. down, it is a very safe place for training. If you would like to get away for the weekend, then we can give you the option of Tobermory or Brockville to complete your course. If you REALLY want to just leave the big city for a week or two, then just check our Dive Trips section and see what tropical trips we have coming up! Remember, it’s not about us; it’s about making you happy and accommodating your schedule. It’s your option.

  • It doesn’t end there… After your Open Water, why not take advantage of the full range of diving courses and specialties that we offer to increase your diving ability and keep you climbing your ladder of diving achievements.

  • The Dive Shop: Aquarius Scuba is a 5 Star PADI Instructor Development Centre and has been involved in the scuba industry for over 30 years. With the largest inventory and brand selection available in the GTA, we are regularly regarded as one of Canada's leading dive centres. They call us "gear heaven!" Have you ever wondered why some stores can only offer a certain range of products and brands? This is because they have not been approved by the brands themselves, not because they choose not to carry them. We are proud to say we carry all the major scuba brands people look for in a dive shop. Whatever it is you are looking for, we have it! And at the best price too! Not only does this allow you to try the equipment on before purchasing, but you will also be able to compare between different brands and styles. We are also the most reputable dive centre when it comes to servicing equipment, thanks to our professional scuba technicians. We always exceed industry standard service equipment and quality of care for your dive gear, so you can dive with confidence and peace of mind.

  • Air-Fills Station: This is one of our proudest investments, not to benefit us, but to benefit YOU the diver. Your safety is our #1 priority. With our state-of-the-art Bauer electric-motor compressor with a SECURUS monitor system, we ensure that only the purest air, nitrox, and trimix is produced for our customers. The air is tested annually by Maxxam Analytics to offer further protection of breathing gas purity. Our air has the lowest moisture content possible, allowing your scuba tanks to last longer and be safer to use. Our air fills exceed the purity requirements of CSA Standards Z180.1 and Z275.2. You will not find more pure air. We have been told more than once, by others in the industry, that we maintain one of the best air-fill stations in the country. We simply care about your safety.

  • We are here for you: Each year, Aquarius Scuba invests a huge amount in marketing. As technology moves forward at an ever faster pace, Aquarius Scuba will strive to move forward with the demands of our customers and always exceed their expectations. We are here for you and we will help you become a smarter, safer, and more confident scuba diver.
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