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Aquarius Scuba Training Team

Welcome to Aquarius Scuba Diving Center, please take a minute to familiarize yourself with our experienced and enthusiastic instructors and staff.

Marek Paszyn
MAREK PASZYN developed his great love for water sports at an early age in his native Poland, where he was a competitive swimmer, lifeguard and lifeguard instructor, skin diver, and then CMAS-certified commercial and rescue SCUBA diver. Mark is the owner and founder of Aquarius SCUBA Diving Center, which was established in 1993.

He is also its Head Instructor, as well as the President of its 12-year old affiliate, the Coral SCUBA Diving Club. Mark has introduced many thousands of Canadians to the wonderful world of snorkeling and SCUBA diving, and has also trained several high quality Instructors, Dive masters and Master Divers. They have all benefited from his great interest in helping others improve their skills and enjoyment in one of nature’s most pleasurable activities. Mark holds many professional diving certifications including NAUI Instructor, ACUC Master Trainer Instructor, TDI Advanced Nitrox Instructor, TDI Decompression Procedures Instructor, TDI Equipment Oxygen Service Technician, CMAS Three Star Instructor, DAN and ACUC Oxygen Provider Instructor, PADI Master Instructor and 20 specialties, in particular, cave diving, breath-hold (free) diving, technical diving, and underwater videography etc.

Mark has studied physical education at the university level, has a Diploma in Automotive Engineering, and is also a Certified SCUBA Service Technician and Mixed Gas Blender.
"Give a man a fish – feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish – feed him for a lifetime". This is a favorite proverb of JAREK WAROW, Advanced Diving Instructor, Basic Nitrox Instructor (ACUC) and TDI Instructor who enjoys teaching diving even more than diving itself (and Jarek has logged over 100 dives this year). He was first certified as a Basic SCUBA Diver 11 years ago, and is now an avid skin diver (breath-hold) and advanced mixed gas and technical diver, enjoying diving anywhere on the planet. He and Master Diver Jenny Howell celebrated their honeymoon this year in Hawaii, and their diving experiences there are written up in the current edition of The Dive Log, the newsletter of the Coral SCUBA diving club.

Jarek is the Treasurer of the Club and can often be found at its regular Monday and Thursday evening training sessions at Etobicoke Olympium Pool. Jarek has a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Polish Literature and Film from University of Toronto, and is currently employed in the freight forwarding business.
SANDY ROBB Like many of us, Sandy always wanted to give scuba a try, but never quite got around to it. When on a trip to the islands, a friend convinced her to give it a go and she has never looked back. As a certified diver, Sandy joined the (Police) Metropol Dive Club, one of the few females in the sport at the time, continuing her training and experience.

She became an active Divemaster, assisting with numerous courses. Sandy dive mastered the filming of the documentary, the “Marquette Challenge”, assisting  in extreme weather conditions with divers with special needs. Sandy's love for underwater life led her to underwater photography as a hobby, and in order to share her passion for the underwater world with others, she became an Open Water Scuba Instructor. Sandy has brought incredible patience and empathy to teaching, able to assist the students having difficulty or needing that little extra confidence boost. After 25 years of diving, she is still in awe of the beauty of the underwater world, and with a focus on conservation, wants to ensure its preservation for future generations.
MARGARET PASZYN learned to SCUBA dive at the earliest age possible (12 years old), earning her NAUI Junior Open Water Diver Certification. She loved the feeling of being below the water surface, and couldn't wait to become more involved in diving and achieve higher certifications.

She is an excellent swimmer and competed for the PEPSI Swim Club at the Etobicoke Olympium Pool. She is also an NLS (National Lifeguard Service) Instructor. Now age twenty, Margaret is a PADI Assistant Instructor and serves Aquarius as a Salesperson during her spare time.
EDITE PONTES has been actively diving and teaching for the Toronto Police Recreational Dive Club - Metropol for many years. Not a member of the Police Service, she was invited to join by a member and became a certified diver with the club. Never satisfied with half measures, Edite rose to the level of Dive Master, assisting the the certification of many divers and finally to the level of PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer Instructor. Acting in concert with John and Sandy Robb, Edite has trained a multitude of new divers in the joys of scuba. A recent addition to the Aquarius Training Staff, Edite is enthusiastically participating in the Open Water and other Scuba Courses offered at the store. Her talent at dealing with those who may have the odd difficulty in the pool makes her a great asset to the store and to the students she will teach.
SANDRA MIFSUD, has been diving since the winter of 2000 when an idle vacation in Florida turned into a certification trip where she got her PADI Basic Open Water. A year later she felt the need to take the plunge to a deeper level while backpacking through Mexico and Cuba, and got her Dive Master Certification. She is currently working towards her Instructor, and works as a part time salesperson at Aquarius.
JOHN HARPER learned to dive when he lived in the in the Bahamas in 1981. During his internship for his Dive master qualification he enjoyed assisting with courses and guiding certified divers so much that it extended into an every weekend activity. On returning to Canada, the colder waters did not cool John's passion for helping others to explore the wonderful world below the surface. In 1996 John qualified a PADI water instructor, today he is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, qualified to teach 18 PADI specialties. John's motto is "life is not a dress rehearsal" and he has many other activies other than scuba diving, but he still finds his greatest satisfaction in the happy smiles of his newly certified divers.
CORNEL's love and admiration for the oceans started as a child, on the beaches of the south of France where his family spent the summer months. He has explored the world's oceans, wrecks and caverns from Africa to Australia. A protector of the underwater environment and an accomplished photographer Cornel is passionate about protecting the oceans sharks.

On the recreational side Cornel is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and teaches all of PADI's specialties including Emergency First Response and Field Neurological Exam. He is a DAN oxygen provider Instructor and an SDI Solo Diver Instructor. Cornel is an instructor for HSA, Handicapped Scuba Association.

On the technical side Cornel teaches for both TDI and IANTD. He is an Advanced Gas Blender Instructor, Advanced Nitrox, Deep Air and Decompression Procedures Instructor, and Advanced Recreational Trimix & Trimix Instructor. Cornel is an instructor for the “Dive Rite O2ptima eCCR” Closed Circuit Rebreather. Cornel is a licensed airplane pilot, enjoys horse back riding and show jumping, mountain biking, has done 350 parachute jumps, and when he finds time, gets on a pair of skis, as well as occasionally climbs the side of a tall rock face.
JEFF SHAW - A scuba fanatic from the very first time he experienced scuba diving while on his honeymoon in Southern California at Catalina Island in 1995. Soon after he came into Aquarius to become and open water diver. Since then, Jeff has worked his way up the diving ranks and has taken full advantage of all the diving the Great Lakes has to offer. Today, Jeff holds the MSDT instructor rating and is also an Emergency First Response Instructor teaching CPR/First Aid/AED and Care For Children CPR/First Aid/AED. Jeff holds 7  PADI instructor specialties including: peak performance buoyancy, wreck, deep, night, underwater photography, digital underwater photography and underwater videography.

He says his favorite wreck is the Niagara II in Tobermory: “This wreck is a diver’s playground! There is always something to see on this beautiful ship.” Never one to stray too far from his video camera Jeff shares his topside photography and videography experience with excited divers that want to capture images of their own underwater adventures.

As an advocate of all things aquatic, Jeff spends much of his time promoting safe responsible diving practices. He is also involved in spearheading movements to protect endangered species in our oceans though many internet awareness initiatives.
SHONA MILLIGAN discovered her passion for scuba diving in 2001 during a holiday in Grenada. Each year she continues to pursue specialty courses, and is currently certified as a PADI Master Instructor and an Emergency First Response Instructor in CPR/AED/First Aid – Infant/Child/Adult. Shona has completed over 400 dives and is an avid underwater digital photographer documenting travels to Belize, Bahamas, Cozumel, San Andres, Florida, Grenada, St. Maarten, Trinidad & Tobago.
PETER BAUER has been a diver since 2004. On a trip to Tobermory, diving shipwrecks, he liked it so much he decided to become a scuba instructor. In 2008 Peter achieved his Open Water Scuba Instructor certification and later that year became a Master Scuba Diver Trainer Instructor. Peter loves the outdoors and combines Tobermory and Brockville trips with scuba students and his family. Among his many specialties he is also an O2 Provider Instructor and holds his Emergency First Response / CPR Instructor certification.
DAVID REID learned to scuba dive in England with the British Sub Aqua Club where achieving his open-water diver certification took 35 dives!  He holds instructor qualifications in BSAC, PADI, and NAUI. 
A PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer with 9 specialties, Dave’s favourites include Dry Suit, Deep, and Enriched Air Diver.  Dave has been diving all over the world, including the North Sea, Red Sea, Caribbean Sea, Mediterranean Sea, English Channel and Pacific Ocean, but his favourite dive spot – the Henry C. Daryaw – is right here in the Great Lakes of Ontario… well, OK… in the St. Lawrence River…  

SHARON REID learned to scuba dive so that she wouldn’t be left behind at the dock while David went diving.  She certified in sunny Belize after only 4 open water dives and she returns there as often as she can.  She holds instructor qualifications in PADI and NAUI. 
Cold water diving is her passion –  not being cold.  Her favourite spots to dive besides Vancouver Island and the Galapagos are the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario. 

Francois L'Ecuyer FRANCOIS L'ECUYER - National Geographic and The Discovery Channel are certainly entertaining, but can only do so much in the way of transmitting what it truly feels to scuba dive and belong underwater; whether it be for an hour at 10 meters, or 15 minutes at 40. François L'Ecuyer has dived across the Americas: wreck diving in Brazil, drift diving in Peru, night diving in Colombia, shark diving in Honduras and cave diving in Mexico, among others, have helped him log several hundred dives as a recreational diver, dive leader, and professional instructor.

His passion for scuba diving is only surpassed by his passion for teaching it. François has been a PADI Professional Instructor for several years, and has since then reached the qualification of Instructor Development Course (IDC) Staff, which allows him to assist on Instructors-in-training courses, in addition to teaching any of the basic recreational and professional courses.

He is also a Specialty Instructor for Underwater Photography, Nitrox, Deep, Wreck, Night & Shark diving. His students have ranged from age 14 to 60, coming from all walks of life. While teaching scuba diving, François focuses on the three most important aspects of scuba diving: safety, fun, and safety.
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