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Aquarius can offer you both air and Nitrox fills of the highest quality. We have a state-of-the art Bauer electric-motor compressor with a SECURUS monitor system to ensure that only the purest air is produced for you the diver.

The air is tested by Maxxam Analytics to offer further protection of breathing gas purity. Our fills meet or exceed the purity requirements of CSA Standard Z180.1-00.

Aquarius Scuba Fill Cards

The Aquarius Scuba Diving Centre pre-paid Fill Card is perfect for the active Ontario scuba diver. You save money and gain the convenience of multiple gas fills.

How it works—Purchase a fill card at our store location.
Number of Fills – 12 fills for the price of 10!


Aquarius Fill Policy

1. Proper certification must be shown in order to fill an air or Nitrox cylinder.
2. The cylinder must have had a Visual inspection within the last twelve months.
3. The cylinder must have had a hydrostatic test within the last five years.
4. We will not fill any cylinder past its maximum designated fill pressure.
5. Aquarius reserves the right to refuse to fill cylinders that it deems unsafe.

Aquarius Scuba Diving Centre offers a variety of diving gas fills with a system that saves you time and a pricing structure that saves you money. Our dive shop has a well-defined fill policy that understands the needs and expectations of the Air, Nitrox and Technical diver.

Additional fee of $10.00 for custom gas blends other than our standard gas blends.
Our standard oxygen blends are Nitrox 27 32 36 40 50 80.
Our standard helium blends are Helitrox 26/17, and Trimix 21/35 18/45 15/55.
Alert! Please don't drain your residual gas. If you want more of the same gas, we can add it. If you want a new mix, in most cases, our boosters enable us to adjust the residual gas to the new mix.

Benefits of Gas Fills at Aquarius

We offer the following Ultra Pure, Oxygen Compatible breathing gases:

Grade Oxygen Compatible Air (OCA)
Premix 32% and Custom Blends
Custom Blends
Grade MBO (Medical Breathing Oxygen – 99.5%)
Grade MUHP (Medical Ultra High Purity - 99.98%)
Grade HP (High Purity - 99.9%)

You get Express service! Our massive Air and premix 32 Nitrox storage banks and multiple fill panels means express service for your fills. Each of our two fill panels is equipped with its own gas booster to allow us to deliver any pressure up to 4500 psi (Oxygen to 3000 psi). Because we have several meticulously maintained high-pressure compressors, we are always ready to serve you.

You save money! By buying Air and/or Nitrox fills cards, at a value of ~$6 per Air fill and ~$8 per Premix 32% Nitrox fill.

You know what you are getting!  Our Nitrox membrane-system premix is analyzed twice (once during production and once during delivery) for oxygen content.  You receive a final third analysis when you pick-up your cylinder.

Trimix blends are analyzed for helium and oxygen content after partial pressure blending and again upon pick-up of your cylinder.

You enjoy the ultimate in safety!  Our electric motor, high-pressure Bauer compressors use only synthetic lubricants suitable for use in high-oxygen environments.  On each of our high pressure compressors, air and Nitrox, we have a Bauer SECURUS system installed, which ensures that only extremely dry gas is delivered for cold water diving.  All gases delivered are analyzed in real-time for carbon monoxide (CO) content. 

Our compressed air meets the (Table 1) requirements of both the CSA Z275.2 and CSA Z180.1 standards as well as the IANTD oxygen compatible air (OCA) purity specifications.  Our mixed gases meet the purity requirements of CSA Z275.2.  Maxxam Analytics, an accredited laboratory, analyzes both the air and Nitrox compressor systems on a regular basis. 

Suggested depth ranges are based on an oxygen exposure of 1.4 ATA or less.

How to Get the Best Nitrox Advantage.

Boats in our area announce their planned depths in advance, especially when they plan to exceed 100 fsw. So generally, unless you have been told otherwise, you can just take two cylinders of 32% to get the most advantage. If you are getting fills in advance of dive planning or uncertain about the expected depths, take a cylinder of 32% and a cylinder of 36%. That way you are prepared for any depth on the first dive, and our experience is the second dive never exceeds 100 fsw.


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