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Raja Ampat, Indonesia

April 27 May 10, 2013

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$3,999 USD

inclusive for all passengers *
Raja Ampat, Indonesia
* Gear rental, crew gratuity and scuba instruction extra
* Special gear rental rate offered to Aquarius Scuba Divers for this trip!


This cruise lets you explore the Indopacific and Pacific Sea. Untouched landscapes and impressive huge coral banks dominate these very thinly populated isles. You will see many amazing things on the Raja Ampat cruise.

Raja Ampat Scuba Diving

Equator: The Pindito crew has explored the dive sites around and near the Equator. This cruise offers you new unexplored areas, where very few people have dived before. The number of isles is immense. Right in the equator and very close to the island of Kawe there is a little island called Batu Jamur. This rocky peak that stands out of the sea is an "eldorado" for every macro creature. Tunicas, feather stars, nudi branches, and also bigger animals like napoleons, wrasse, moray eels and epaulet sharks can be seen here. North of the equator lies the archipelago of Waijag. Many different outlying islands offer wonderful coral gardens and many different fish.

Misool Islands: This is a region with thousands of isles, which have been pushed up throughout the thousands of years and help create wonderful scenery. You'll come across caves, or caverns everywhere. You´ll find rocks as big as cathedrals, over hangs that improve the dramatic sight of this breathtaking region.

Of course these sights will continue in no less impressing views underwater. Misool is one of the places on earth where you´ll find the most various species of fish, hard and soft corals, sponges, worms, nudibranches, shrimps and crabs and all kinds of non-vertebrates, like cuttle fish and octopus. You will also come across wobbegong shark and epaulet sharks, which you will only find in the region of „Raja Empat“. Giant clams as well as fantastic tiny shells may be seen. Photographers and Videographers will have the dives of their lifetime.

Water Temperature & Dive Suit - Raja Ampat
By the Misool islands, the Banda Sea and near the Equator the water temperatures are 26-29° all year round. For this cruise a 3mm thin-wet-suit is enough.

Climate & Travel Season - Raja Ampat
Irian Jaya: In the lowland there is damp heat and heavy rains normally. In the highland we can’t clearly predict the weather during the rainy and dry seasons.

We advise that the best travel season is from October until middle of May.



Call 416.604.4203 today for details or to book your spot.

Please complete and print a copy of the TRIP REGISTRATION FORM and fax to 416.604.8461 or drop off at Aquarius Scuba.

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